FutureFive NZ - Ex-Apple CEO: Why I sacked Steve Jobs

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Ex-Apple CEO: Why I sacked Steve Jobs

Following years of silence, former Apple CEO John Sculley has finally spoken out, detailing the events which led to the sacking of Steve Jobs from his own company.

The eight-minute clip sees former Pepsi chief Sculley responding to an audience member asking about the firing, at the Forbes Global CEO Conference in Indonesia.

As reported by the website, Sculley, who joined the company in 1983, says during the video:

“I’m always surprised that people never ask the question: how could two individuals like Steve Jobs and I, who were supposedly inseparable — we were together all the time, we were great personal friends — how we could we end up in one of these amazing, celebrated clashes?”

"The answer? “I really blame the board.

“Because I think the board understood Apple before I came, they understood Steve.

"They knew what my experience was and what it wasn’t.

"And I really believe there could have been a solution to keep me and Steve working together, because we were really good friends up until that point.”

Check out the video below:

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