FutureFive NZ - Exploding Samsung S3 sizzles Swiss girl

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Exploding Samsung S3 sizzles Swiss girl

Any idea what cochon brûlé means? It is "burnt pig" in French.

But more notably, it is the phrase used by a Samsung S3 user when describing the smell following the explosion of her smartphone in her pocket.

According to French-speaking publication Le Matin of Lausanne, Switzerland, 18-year-old Fanny Schlatter suffered second and third degree burns when her phone blew up.

Leaving Schlatter burning from the thighs to her shoulders, quick-thinking colleague Stephane Kubler drenched the flames with water before driving her to hospital.

Looking back at the incident, which has left her requiring rehab treatment, Schlatter recalls:

"All of a sudden I heard a sound of explosion-type firecracker," she said.

"Then I felt a strange chemical smell and my work pants began to catch fire."

As Schlatter considers legal action against the South Korean tech giant, reports in the media have speculated the blaze was caused due to a lithium-ion battery fire - which has not been officially confirmed by Samsung.

And given this is not the first time a Samsung S3 has exploded, think back to a post on Reddit earlier this year, when will the next ticking Galaxy time bomb go off?

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