FutureFive NZ - Eye control for gaming is no longer just an idea

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Eye control for gaming is no longer just an idea

I for one have been impressed with the new PlayStation 4 Eye and the all new Xbox Kinect – their predecessors were swiftly dismissed as mere gimmicks, these offerings have been refined and honed to offer HD video capture, better motion control and can even perform facial recognition to log gamers into their consoles within mere seconds.

Technology never stands around for long however and it appears we are almost ready to be able to take down enemies just by looking at them!

Steel Series has a new game controller currently under development that will be powered by Tobii’s eye-tracking technology.

The company has been refining its eye-tracking technology for a while now and first creative a laptop that could be controlled using eye control. Since then developers have continued to develop the technology and utilise the Rex peripheral, which means that it can be brought to the commercial market in the Steel Series products.

So far there has been no confirmation of what the new product will be called but it will be based on the Tobii EyeX.

The debate is still out on what game genres will benefit most from eye control technology, but Tobii have said it will create a ‘more immersive’ gaming experience for first person shooters – so a player could aim by looking at a target on screen and simply pulling the trigger which would be a more realistic scenario.

Some have hinted that in RPG’s peripheral characters could react and respond to eye contact and could be used to set moods within game environments.

Tobii also says sports franchises will benefit from the technology as looking at another player on the field could be used to signal intent and they will set themselves to receive a pass.

Check out the video below and tell us your thoughts on Tobii’s technology

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