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Eye of Judgment: Biolith Rebellion – PS3

The Eye of Judgment snuck onto Sony’s Playstation 3 at the end of last year amidst a ton of huge titles which dominated the season and left little room for what was a relatively niche title. Bundled with the exceptional Playstation 3 Eye, Eye of Judgment was a video game version of the timeless Magic the Gathering style card battle style.

And while the game was received warmly by both the gaming press and the gaming public at large (at least for those few gamers who were actually able to get their hands on a copy), it never achieved mainstream success that Sony would have liked. Yet Sony has continued to support the game with this, the first expansion pack to the original game.

Biolith Rebellion is both an expansion and a slight revision of the Eye of Judgment world. Owners of the original game will need to download the Biolith Rebellion update from the PSN and then try and find somewhere to buy the booster packs and game decks in order to properly experience the next level of Eye of Judgment. But even those who don’t want to pay will be able download a free update to enable them to be able to play those who do purchase the entire Biolith Rebellion expansion.

The new expansion does exactly what many hoped it would do, adding both new rules and depth to some of the features of the original without changing things so much that they lose what made the game fantastic to begin with. New characters, spells and attributes mean that playing strategies can change dramatically and that formerly underpowered classes suddenly take on more importance, the Dwarfs for example.

The new abilities of some summons are especially interesting to experiment with. The Dwarf Battlebuggy has the power of decoy to draw enemy attacks, while the Vamas Tomb Sentinel can revive your troops by destroying your opponents. It is these additional elements that mean hardcore Eye of Judgment fans will find hours and days worth of entertainment ahead.

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