11 Feb 2013
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Facebook page punches out SBW

By Donovan Jackson

Following the farcical Sonny Bill Williams versus Francois Botha boxing match in Brisbane this last Friday, a Facebook page has popped up dedicated to ‘Sonny Bill Williams: Boxing's Champion of Match Fixing’. The profile pic is of SBW engaged in a loving embrace of Botha, while the cover page boldly states in white on black ‘This fight is scheduled for 12 3 minute rounds’. It’s already attracted over 220 likes.

The match, of course, ended in 10 rounds, with SBW being handed the victory.

Controversy includes accusations of cheating (by Botha, throwing late punches), a drugs test which may or may not have taken place (and which may or may not have been failed…by Botha), cheating (by SBW’s camp, in terms of the bout being suddenly curtailed to 10 rounds when the Sonny looked to be taking a beating), stupidity (by both parties in terms of their ability to count past 10 – surely some additional digits could be drummed into service?), crap boxing (by both crap boxers).

The page seems to favour Botha over SBW, leading no doubt to the usual chorus of whining about the Kiwi propensity towards cutting down the tall poppies. Class commentary includes gems such as this from Dominique Waimotu: ‘On the news this morn they are now saying that Botha was on drugs are they sure it's not SBW with all the lame excuses he's put out lmao I reckon it was him.....How do you get a positive out of a drug test that never happened???? Go figure lol’.

Sic, naturally.

Rugby fans, however, have spotted deeper meaning. Kevin Diefenbach throws his hat into the ring with, ‘I really believe it's a tactic for the upcoming NRL season . Now when SBW runs at the opposition they will be unable to tackle him because they are laughing so hard , well played SBW , well played....’.

More sic.

Register your interest and exercise your witticisms, should you dare, by finding the page here

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