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Facebook shopping…criminals like this

Ever wondered how to put thieves "out of business"? Probably not.

But according to New Zealand Police, Kiwis buying goods directly from Facebook groups need to be wary - as some of it is stolen.

Adopting the old adage, "if it's too good to be true, it probably is", authorities are warning New Zealanders about the risks faced with shopping online, and how being careless with purchases can help grow a criminal market.

"Police can prosecute people who are reckless when it comes to the circumstances in which they buy goods that are subsequently found to be stolen," said Gary Davey, inspector, New Zealand Police.

"Our Intelligence staff are taking a close look at sites where goods, some of which we know are stolen because the legitimate owners have reported the thefts to police, are offered for sale directly to prospective buyers."

Claiming that some invitation-only Facebook sites contain stolen goods, Davey is urging the public to think twice before buying certain items online.

"Put simply, buyer beware or the price you eventually pay might be much higher than what the item is worth," he says.

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