15 Nov 2010
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Facebook to unveil Gmail killer

Rumours are gathering pace that Facebook's email service – currently called Project Titan – will be unveiled at a special event due to be held in the US later today (7am tomorrow New Zealand time).

TechCrunch is reporting that the email service is “unofficially referred to internally as its ‘Gmail killer’.”

Also rumoured to be part of the announcement is a deal with Microsoft to incorporate Facebook functionality in Office applications.

If Facebook does launch an email service it could turn the battle for your inbox on its head. 361 million people are said to use Windows Live Hotmail, 273 million go with Yahoo Mail while Gmail currently courts 193 million.

There are over 500 million using Facebook in 2010.

Would you use a Facebook email service or are you happy with what you’ve got?

Update: Facebook has unveiled a new messaging system that aims to do away with email as it’s traditionally thought of in favour of shorter, texts and instant messages.

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