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Facebook tops a billion users

05 Oct 2012

Facebook has reached one billion active users with the company producing a brand video to celebrate the landmark.

Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to the social networking site to celebrate the milestone, calling for a more open and connected world.

"Celebrating a billion people is very special to me," he says.

"It's a moment to honour the people we serve.

"For the first time in our history, we've made a brand video to express what our place is on this earth.

"We believe that the need to open up and connect is what makes us human. It's what brings us together. It's what brings meaning to our lives."

The landmark is the biggest of several revealed by the social media giant, with the site also enjoying 600 million mobile users.

"Facebook isn't the first thing people have made to help us connect," Zuckerberg says.

"We belong to a rich tradition of people making things that bring us together.

"Today, we honor this tradition. We honor the humanity of the people we serve.

"We honor the everyday things people have always made to bring us together:

"Chairs, doorbells, airplanes, bridges, games. These are all things that connect us.

"And now Facebook is a part of this tradition of things that connect us too. Thanks for helping connect a billion people.

"We honor the everyday things that people make to get together and connect. I hope you enjoy this video as much as we do."

Other key statistics include:

* Users have clicked the Facebook Like button over 1.13 trillion times since the feature launched in February 2009* Users have connected with 140.3 billion friends* Users have uploaded 219 billion photos on the site* Over 17 billion locations have been tagged* Over 62 million songs have been played over 22 billion times by users

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