Facebook users urged to quit

17 May 10

A bunch of disgruntled Facebook users have banded together
to launch a campaign aimed at getting users of the popular social network to
delete their accounts.

The group, which calls itself
,says the
network doesn’t respect its users’ privacy.

“For us it comes down to two things: fair choices and best
intentions,” the groups’ website says. “In our view, Facebook doesn't do a good
job in either department. Facebook gives you choices about how to manage your
data, but they aren't fair choices, and while the onus is on the individual to
manage these choices, Facebook makes it damn difficult for the average user to
understand or manage this. We also don't think Facebook has much respect for
you or your data, especially in the context of the future.”

Facebook has been dogged by privacy concerns for some time
now and has been forced to make numerous changes to its page settings (most
recently last week), so that users can try to protect themselves from hacking
and identity theft, or delete information permanently.

Quit Facebook is urging users who are dissatisfied with the
way Facebook handles their information, or feel their privacy has been
compromised, to delete their pages on May 31st.

The group acknowledges that quitting Facebook isn’t easy,
but its website suggests alternative networks.

For those who think quitting Facebook is not an option,
another group called Facebook Protest is advocating a boycott of the network on
June 6th to send a message.

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