Fake raid kickstarts Mega reign

21 Jan 13

Kim Dotcom's launch of his new Mega site was kickstarted through a re-enactment of his arrest last year.

With a low-flying 'FBI' helicopter circling his Coatesville mansion, Dotcom used fake armed officers to abseil from the roofs pretending to raid the property, with fireworks and explosions dramatising the event.

Following his arrest last year, Dotcom has denied the relaunch of his site was a revenge mission aimed at U.S. government authorities, but such acts have led to a change of opinion.

Going live at 6:48am to mark the one year anniversary of the raid, the new file-sharing site also welcomed hip-hop artist Tiki Taane to the launch party.

Again, many speculate such inclusions to be a direct message to authorities, given Taane was in the spotlight in 2011 for singing "F*** The Police" in a nightclub.

But Dotcom insisted defiance was not on his agenda, claiming:

"This should not be seen as the mocking of any government or Hollywood," he said.

"This is us being inventors and exercising our right to run a business."

Dotcom did concede however that he felt he and his co-workers had become embroiled in President Barack Obama's election campaign last year, citing themselves as a "ball in a very powerful game."

Do you think Kim Dotcom was taking a dig at U.S. authorities through his fake raid? Tell us your thoughts below

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