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Fallout 4 is better than Fallout 3 in a lot of ways
Wed, 25th Nov 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

After spending many hours playing Fallout 4 now, I have to say that the game is much more enjoyable than my experience with Fallout 3. Before I begin, I'm going to say I was one of the few people in the world that didn't like Fallout 3. There are many reasons I didn't like the game and I will explain my disdain with the game here. First of all, I played the third game on the PS3 and I thought the graphics were pretty sub-par. The graphics were mostly an ugly green and brown and were depressing to look at. I had expected the graphics to look much better since this was 2008 after all. Thankfully, Fallout 4 adds a lot more colour to its graphics. The environments are much more diverse this time around. Even though it's still a nuclear wasteland, the colour palette is just so much prettier than in the third game. It was less depressing and ugly to look at. Another issue I had with Fallout 3 was its gunplay. I know the game is an RPG, but it failed to impress me as a first-person shooter. The shooting mechanics were stiff and it felt like the enemies were hard to kill. I had to use the VATS system heaps of times in the third game just to survive. The fourth game has an improved combat system and feels more in line with other first-person shooters. Your guns are more effective this time around and the VATS system is not required. Sure it is helpful, but you don't have to rely on it as many times as in the third game.  The other thing that Fallout 4 gets rid of is your weapons wearing out. Fallout 3 was so annoying because you could only use a specific weapon for a short amount of time until you had to repair it.You don't even have to repair armour either. The removal of this feature made the game less frustrating to play and much more enjoyable.   Some people may disagree with me, but I thought Fallout 4 has a much better story too. It's an interesting story that has some big twists along the way. I was much more invested in the characters in the fourth game than in Fallout 3. The fourth game also has tons more side-quests too.  The other cool thing is the new buddy system. You are not alone in Fallout 4 as you can team up with many companions. Having a buddy helps a lot as there are many bad guys that are roaming all over the Wasteland. An added bonus is that you can even fall in love with some of the companions you meet too.  Crafting is also another feature that has been added in Fallout 4. You can build structures to improve the living conditions for your companions and more. By collecting scraps and junk in the Wasteland, you are able to craft things like new beds, shelter, power and more. It's a fun dynamic to an already feature heavy vieo game.  All in all, Fallout 3 to me was a soulless and unentertaining game for me. I did not like the graphics and the gameplay was annoying and frustrating. I did not understand what so many people liked the third game. I thought I was just weird or something as I disliked it a lot.  However, Fallout 4 is just so much better in so many ways. In my opinion, it vastly improves on the third game by offering far better graphics and gameplay. To me there is no comparison between the two games. Fallout 4 is miles better than Fallout 3. If you hated the third game like me, you might find the fourth game to be better.