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Fans demand Microsoft reverses Xbox One U-turn

11 Jul 13

A month after Microsoft announced its turn around on the Xbox One’s licensing policies and online requirements, a move is now underway to restore the Xbox One to its original specs.

Some online and arm chair activists appear to have realised that they will be losing out on some potentially interesting features along with the removal of online check-ins and the revival of second hand game discs.

The petition named “Give us back the Xbox One we were promised at E3”, located at, states that when the original system was unveiled at E3 would let users “buy games digitally, then share, trade or sell the digital licenses”.

This will now not be the case and many petitioners are stating “it cannot be all or nothing, there must be a compromise” - suggesting there is a want for the option of digital sharing to sit alongside more traditional retail methods.

Starting 20 days ago after Microsoft’s initial U-turn on digital licensing, the petition seems to be gradually gaining momentum.

There are currently almost a thousand supporters, with the petition aiming for 9,504 signatures - what they will then do with that figure or the petition remains unclear however.

Lots of the comments appear to be from Trolls with extremely sarcastic opinions, but there are genuine comments from people who are recognising the possible benefits of disc-free installs and family sharing, along with a cloud based library and the potential to transfer licenses digitally.

It is common knowledge that up to this point Microsoft has done a less than great job of selling the digital advantages to your average consumer, and these transpired at the cost of restrictions on used game discs and the requirements for online check-ins.

But the petition notes there is no reason why Microsoft cannot compromise on these issues by offering traditional disc based sales alongside their new system of advantages, allowing consumers to transition to the new digital methods.

"I believe this form of distribution (digital) is the future and I like the idea of sharing my games (licenses) with my family (wife and brothers, play coop on multiple systems with 1 purchase) and hope for a reduction of price in triple AAA retail games (just like happened in every other digital distribution platform like Steam or Apple Store due to the death of second hand and the reduction of piracy)," wrote one petitioner.

It does seem unlikely that possibly a few thousand anonymous people on the internet will cause yet another public reversal from the company.

However, if this unwanted attention gets Microsoft to realise that it didn't have to completely remove digital-license-sharing, we might end up with a workable compromise that could set the Xbox One apart from its rivals.

What do you think? Should Microsoft reverse its Xbox One U-turn? Tell us your thoughts below

David Williams

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