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Fat Princess Adventures is a repetitive RPG

Fat Princess Adventures is a new game based on the Fat Princess franchise. It is now an RPG as opposed to the PVP multiplayer game like the first one. The only thing that Fat Princess Adventures borrows from its PS3 predecessor is its design and some of its humour. The combat is similar too, although you are now hacking and slashing A.I. enemies and not human controlled players like before.  The best way to describe this game is that it's a light-hearted version of Diablo. It uses the similar top-down camera viewpoint and grinding is the majority of the gameplay. You will have to kill lots and lots of enemies in this game as it's the only way you can level up to become stronger.  The story is a little cliche, but the humour makes up for it. You have to face up against the Bitter Queen and her army of gobblings. The Bitter Queen has kidnapped both princesses and it's up to you to save them. It's going to be a long journey because you have to fight waves and waves of enemies plus big bosses too.  The game kind of forces you to co-operate with other players as playing this game on your own can become overwhelming. Up to four players can co-op with one another to make the adventure a less frustrating experience. Playing solo is ill-advised as the enemies come in big numbers and will kill you instantly as a result.  You do however have the ability to switch between four different classes. The classes include a mage, archer, a warrior and person with a hammer. There are multiple checkpoints throughout the game where you switch to the class you want. I admired this mechanic because most other RPGs force to only play as one class type the entire game.  You also have the option to customise the appearance and personality for your own character too. The options are fairly limited, but I liked how you can choose the personality type. I chose the "emo" personality so my character was always moaning about everything and wasn't really happy about going on many quests.  As for the class types, they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. The long ranged classes allow you to hit enemies from afar, but your health bar is short. The short-ranged classes are more powerful and have bigger health, yet they're likely to get hit often. It pays to swap classes constantly or co-op with other players to successfully play this game.  The main issue I have with this game is how repetitive it gets. Fat Princess Adventures was fun to play for the first hour, but things start to feel monotonous the longer you play it. The hack-and-slash style of gameplay gets old fast even if you switch between the class types. It just felt like a game where I was spamming the square button too many times.  I also felt the game's difficulty curved was steep. It forces you to grind for several hours in order to earn enough money to acquire the better weapons and armour. However, I often found myself too poor to spend on the better equipment so I would struggle against the multiple enemies in the game... The game does have some boss battles that somewhat breaks up the repetitiveness of grinding. Bosses are predicable because they always have an obvious pattern that you can exploit. There are also some power-ups that you can use to grow bigger. Bosses can get annoying though so be prepared to retry lots of times.  Fat Princess Adventures has a good premise, but the execution prevents it from being entertaining. The repetitiveness of the gameplay gets boring after a while and it's also a hard game to play if you are trying to play solo. The lack of online PVP will also disappoint fans of the first game.  Verdict: 6.5/10

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