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FAT Princess

Apparently, gone are the days of the elegant princesses we all once knew, replaced instead by those of princesses who  fiend for pastries. Fat Princess is easily one of the strangest and most unique games ever to grace any console.  Ever.

Fat Princess combines elements of real-time strategy, role playing and first person shooting. While there are both single  and multiplayer facets to Fat Princess, the bulk of the player’s time is definitely going to be spent playing online. There  are four game modes available online, with the standard team deathmatch and invasion modes, though easily most  enjoyable are the two that play out as twists on capture the flag. In these, players will need to steal the princess from  the opposition’s base and carry her back to their castle. This isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds, as enemies will feed their princess pieces of cake, which litter the battlefield, making her heavier and slower to carry. This may sound like the  strangest concept you’ve ever heard of, but rest assured, when it works this is easily one of the best multiplayer  experiences available on PS3. When it works, that is. In my experience, online play was hampered with connectivity  issues, though hopefully Sony will be quick to rectify this.

Single player, or 'Play with Yourself' mode, consists mostly of telling the legend of the Fat Princess. Players learn of the  cursed Black Forest Cake and the tale of how the neighbouring princesses put on so much weight and were ultimately kidnapped by the other princess’ family. The story is excellent, with some genuinely funny parts that will most  definitely have your sides hurting throughout the eight levels.

The graphics are superbly done, with the cartoon-styled characters and maps contrasting perfectly with the blood, guts  and gore also on display. The sound fits in really well and does a good  job of drawing the whole package together. All  in all, for $30 you can’t go wrong with Fat Princess.

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