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Fatso says... Get one month free movies

Look, I’m going to be honest with you. Yes, streaming is the next big thing. But here in New Zealand, it’s really not. You know your internet is s*** and the online selection is woeful.

You're more than welcome to pay $8 a movie on Apple TV, or $9 at a video store or, if you don't have any brains, download illegally.

However, if you are the hardworking type and wouldn’t mind access to the country’s largest movie and TV show library for $9.95 per month – then head to us. We appreciate you, and we do a damn good job at keeping your entertained.

Oh, and you get yourself the cheapest cinema tickets in the country to any movie, any time, as part of your package.

And we also have the largest Blu-ray library in the country, loads of TV shows and games at your disposal.

That’s why over 25,000 kiwis get their fix through Fatso every day – because they like how much we have, just for them, and they get it for much less than anywhere else.

As for the rest of you - our doors are always open..... it's a no-brainer.

Looking forward to seeing you around,

The Team at Fatso

P.S. – as you’re a TechDay friend, like us, click here to get 1 month for free and the next 6 months at 10% off (if you decide to stay). Don't forget to enter the promo code TECHDAY314 on the sign up page. You can quit any time... that’s what they say about cigarettes, anyway.

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