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Fight the holiday bulge with Xbox One Fitness

With Summer drawing to a close it’s time to start burning off all those unwanted calories you gained from eating and drinking over the holiday season.

Xbox Fitness trainer spotlight series continues with P90X fitness system creator, Tony Horton, sharing his top five tips for shedding those unwanted pounds;

  • Find a friend - Since you are the company you keep, bail on the loafers and go hang with the doers. Your odds for success go way up when you create accountability through training with friends and family.

  • Be consistent - Exercising only two to three days a week just doesn’t work. Try that philosophy with sleeping, eating or brushing your teeth and see how well that turns out. Do you want to just survive, like everyone else, or do you want to see real results and thrive? If you answered the latter then you need to train five to seven days a week for the rest of your life.

  • Plan it - Schedule all of your workouts in advance. Figure out what you’re doing, what time you’re doing it and whom you’re doing it with. Plan it, and you’ll do it; wing it, and you won’t.

  • Add variety - Choose training techniques that take you out of your comfort zone, which will force you to work on your weaknesses. This will help prevent boredom and injuries, and improve your results in a shorter period of time.

  • Find the yin - Sleeping, massage, meditation and stress management, are the cornerstones of a fit and healthy lifestyle. The discipline of training intensely also requires the discipline of healing and recovery time.

As an extra motivation, between February and 30 April, 2014 you can earn a limited time Xbox Fitness Achievement, the Bring It! Award from Tony Horton, when you earn five stars in Tony’s Shoulders & Arms and Plyometrics P90X workouts 12 times in three months.

There is also two new workouts from another one of Beachbody’s top trainers, Shaun T, creator of the insanely popular INSANITY workout, are available now in the Xbox Fitness content library. Be sure to check out Pure Cardio and Cardio Power & Resistance.

P90X and INSANITY are some of the many workouts included in the extensive Xbox Fitness library of the world’s most popular fitness brands, including Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson, Beachbody (P90X and INSANITY), Anchor Bay (a Starz company) and Mossa.

Due to popular demand, two new Mossa workouts, designed exclusively for Xbox Fitness, have been added to the Xbox Fitness library: Mossa Fight 2 and Groove (a new dance workout). Be sure to check out Mossa Core 1 and 2, Fight 1 and Power 1 and 2, in addition to the new content.

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