Fighter Within to showcase true potential of Kinect

23 Aug 13

The ‘day one’ release of Ubisoft’s motion tracking fighter is being touted as the title to truly get the Xbox One Kinect up and running.

I like many others see the original Xbox Kinect as more of a gimmick, and apart from the odd drunk game of Kinect Sports it is not what I would class as an essential piece of gaming equipment.

As we now have no choice but to have a Kinect with the Xbox One it would seem Microsoft are trying to quickly dispel these opinions second time around.

“Fighter Within taps into the ultimate fighting game fantasy by offering players the most engaging and physical motion fighting experience on Xbox One,” said Geoffroy Sardin, EMEA Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Ubisoft. “Players will square off against their friends to test their skills, prove their dominance and unleash their Fighter Within.”

With 1:1 precision movement tracking and next-gen graphics engine, the experience of fighting is set to be more realistic than ever with real-time wounds, sweat and facial impacts showing on your chosen characters.

Fighter Within talks the talk, but time will tell if it is truly the release to get people to believe the next-gen Kinect is an essential part of the gaming setup.

Check out the video below - Warning: Game is not yet rated

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