14 Dec 2012
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FileMaker Go flies past 500,000 downloads

FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone has surpassed 500,000 downloads from the App store, as companies use the app to create business solutions.

The Apple software maker says the milestone shows the rapid growth of custom business solutions created with the FileMaker Platform and running on iOS devices.

“Businesses are using the FileMaker Platform to create solutions that manage everything from sales contacts to medical information on iPads and iPhones," says Ryan Rosenberg, vice president, marketing and services, FileMaker.

“We are very happy to see FileMaker Go pass the half-million downloads mark.

"This rapid adoption demonstrates FileMaker's position as a leading platform for development and deployment of custom business solutions for iOS.”

FileMaker says the two apps are a core part of the company's lineup of desktop, server and iOS software used for both the iPad and iPhone, while also running on Windows, Mac and in web browsers.

The app serves individual customers to large companies, with the software managing, analysing and sharing information across a business.

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