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FileMaker offers mobile app for free with new version - Updated

13 Apr 12

Apple-owned database software specialists FileMaker have launched the latest version of their solution, FileMaker 12, sweetening the deal by removing the charge for the mobile version, FileMaker Go.

The mobile app previously cost $19.99 for iPhone and $39.99 for iPad, so having free access will be a big bonus for large enterprises.

As for FileMaker 12 itself, the company says it has introduced new design features, enhanced document management functions, and improved speed.

There are sixteen starter solutions, including ready-to-use screens for iPhone and iPad, as well as 40 unique themes, including special touch themes. The themes can also be applied to existing databases for a fresh new look.

Pricing is below; go here for more info.

FileMaker Pro 12: $499 (upgrade $299)

FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced: $799 (upgrade $499)

FileMaker Server 12: $1800 (upgrade $1080)

FileMaker Server 12 Advanced: $5500 (upgrade $2475)

FileMaker Go 12 for iPhone and iPad: Free

Update: FileMaker users have leapt at the chance to grab the company’s FileMaker Go 12 iPhone and iPad apps since they were made free late last week, reaching 100,000 downloads in just seven days.

Ryan Rosenberg, vice president, marketing and services for FileMaker, says the rapid adoption demonstrates FileMaker’s strong position in the custom business app space.

"Businesses are using FileMaker Pro to create apps to manage everything from their inventory to contacts to salespersons’ routes,” Rosenberg says, "and deploying these on their iPads and iPhones with FileMaker Go.”