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Final Fantasy details emerge...

If you’re living in the past like me you’ll be happy to hear new details of the Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD re-master have emerged.

For those of you haven’t been desperately waiting for this release for the last year and a half or so, I can only assume you never played FFX when it was released and have therefore not experienced the pinnacle of console gaming.

That’s right. That’s how highly I rate this game.

Anyway, so new details have emerged on Gamingeverything.com that Famitsu will be running an article on the re-mastered games later this week, some of which has been leaked early.

Details from the article include that the Japanese voices for the characters will be available, textures will be improved for all characters and enemies, and scenes that were pre-rendered in the PS2 version of the game are now in HD and look more mind-blowing than they did before.

The Famitsu article also reveals the reason for splitting the two titles on the PS Vita is because of space issues, which is pretty much the only justifiable reason so we’ll give it to them.

Also, tweets from the North American Square Enix Members page revealed some new information about the trophy sets for the two games and whether there will be changes in the two titles.

On the subject of trophies and whether or not the two titles will have separate trophy sets, the tweets read “...can’t really say right now for sure, though if history serves, it’ll be separate.”

They also confirmed the new releases are “not going to change gameplay, this is the classic game with an HD remaster.”

Excited? I sure am. If you’re looking forward to the HD release let us know, otherwise tell us which game you’d prefer to see get a re-master in the comments.

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