FutureFive NZ - Final Fantasy IX lands on PSN

Warning: This story was published more than a year ago.

Final Fantasy IX lands on PSN

The last PSOne Final Fantasy game is now up for download via the PlayStation Network.

Ten years after it launched on PSOne, Final Fantasy IX has been re-released for digital download to your PS3 and PSP.

“Players will have the chance to own and experience the tale of young thief Zidane, kind black mage Vivi and beautiful princess Garnet, and their quest to defeat the evil forces of the Queen of Alexandria,” says a very excited PlayStation Blog.

“A true classic, Final Fantasy IX introduced elements such as the Active Time Events and Mog-Net into the Final Fantasy universe, as well as the renowned Tetra Master card mini-game.”

Was it one of your favourite FF titles or are you happy to let bygones be bygones?

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