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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is a proper remaster
Tue, 31st Mar 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Even though lots of people bought Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for the Final Fantasy XV demo, the game itself is fun in its own right.  Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was originally a Japan exclusive and came out only for the PSP console. Fans demanded an English translated version for many years, but Square Enix never released it. Instead, Square Enix decided to remaster the game completely for the more powerful PS4 and Xbox One consoles.  It goes without saying that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is a remake done the right way. The PS4 version I played looks bounds and leaps better than the original PSP version. The character models and environments look much prettier in HD. This remaster isn't just a simple resolution boost that other remasters do.  Another cool thing about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is that it includes a dual audio track. You can listen to the newly recorded English voice overs, or stick with the original Japanese audio. In either case, it's great that Western gamers finally get to play this game.  As for the game itself, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is unlike any other Final Fantasy game I've played. It has some elements of the previous games, but the combat system is unique to this game. I would even go as far as saying the game has one of the best combat systems I've seen from the series so far.  This game adopts a combat system that is not too dissimilar to the action-RPG syle of Kingdom Hearts. The face buttons control your skills like attacks and magic. You can also move around during battle and dodge attacks from enemies. There are also even Summons in the game so you can conjure up Ifrit to deal some serious damage to the opposing opposition.  My favourite feature of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is the fact that the game includes 14 playable characters. Only three members can be active in the party at one time, but you can control and switch between the three at anytime. This is unlike Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts where you can only control one character.  I love the diversity of weapons that each of the 14 characters have. Playing as each character feels like playing a different game. All of them have their own style which makes the combat feel different and exciting every time you play it.

There's a character that has a nifty bow and arrow, while you can also switch to a character that only fights with their fists. There are also some characters that uses guns while another uses a whip.  The only downside to the game's number of playable characters is that it makes it harder for you to level up. You have to ensure to use every character in order for them to become stronger for the later missions. It can become quite a headache trying to level up all 14 characters to a specific level. You have to grind and fight a lot of monsters to achieve this... Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has some elements from the older games that will make old-school gamers happy. The world map returns and random battles are back. You can also breed and ride on your own chocobos as well.  The one thing that separates Final Fantasy Type-0 HD from all the other games in the series is just how dark, violent and mature it is. It's the first Final Fantasy game to feature blood, and the opening cutscene is pretty violent. Not to mention the story itself has assassinations and other mature themes. However, the story is engaging throughout, even though it can be hard to follow at times. The game does have a few flaws that it cannot escape. Since this was a PSP exclusive, it still has elements of being a "portable" game. The levels look great, although they're not very large. The game also has an awkward camera system too. Sometimes the camera can not keep up with the fast paced action.  Overall, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is an excellent spin-off that doesn't get enough credit. The combat is downright excellent and it's one of the best remasters out there. It does has a few of its own flaws, but they're not enough to ruin the entire experience. This game is worth playing until we all wait for the actual release of Final Fantasy XV... Verdict: 8.5/10