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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto gameplay reveal trailer

Final Fantasy XV was one of 2016’s biggest RPG sensations.

The game took players across a massive world and offered hundreds of hours of content to the average player.

Its next piece of DLC has officially been announced as Episode Prompto and the gameplay trailer has been released.

The trailer shows off exactly what fans can expect from the new DLC; showcasing one of the new zones, combat, weapons and the stunning visuals.

One of the first emphasised features is the fast-paced and impactful combat.

It continues the trend of movement based action combat with a blend of melee and ranged attacks.

The trailer then moves on to show a short story segment that shows off the beautiful visuals that will undoubtedly push consoles to their limits, albeit in a somewhat bleak setting.

As the trailer continues it becomes clear that the gameplay seems to be challenge based (at least in the segment that was showcased), as upon the completion of any given objective the player is presented with a new challenge and in some cases an objective timer.

This system is perfect for players who enjoy high pressure and fast moving game play.

More methodical players may find this system tedious, however.

The trailer also showcases some interactive environmental features such as the classic ‘exploding barrel’ that can help players achieve their goals within the given timer.

It also shows off some of the weapons players can expect to use including the handgun, SMG and a bazooka.

This gameplay trailer only showcases a short snippet of content from this upcoming DLC, but it does give a good overview of what to expect for players interested in picking it up.

Fans of the franchise can expect:

  • Fast-paced action combat
  • Objective challenges and timers
  • Beautiful visuals
  • A large arsenal of weapons
  • Some interactive environments

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto is set to release on June 27, 2017 and is the second episode in a series of upcoming content.

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