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Fingerprint, eye scans supported

Most New Zealanders are concerned enough about information security to allow the scanning of their fingerprints, and even of their eyes.
That’s the conclusion of the Unisys Security Index, a recent survey of 506 respondents aged 18 years and over.
It reveals that six out of 10 New Zealanders are happy to use biometrics including fingerprints and iris scans to prove their identity.
“Given the high level of concern about identity and financial fraud issues, it is not surprising that New Zealanders are so keen to use sophisticated biometric technology as a means of proving their identity,” said Brett Hodgson, Managing Director, Unisys New Zealand.
“Interestingly, New Zealanders are much more prepared to use some biometrics than more traditional non-biometric methods such as PINs, passwords or photographs.
“Our additional research shows six out of 10 or 60% of New Zealanders are willing to use a biometric for identity authentication. Of those people:
• 81% support fingerprint scans
• 68% support iris scans
• 48% facial scans
• 44% vein pattern (vascular) scans
• 34% voice pattern recordings
• 57% support PINs
• 54% support passwords
• 53% support photographs.
“These are very strong results and show New Zealanders are ready for the next roll out of biometric identification technology where it has obvious benefits for the protection of private and personal information,” said Hodgson.
Overall New Zealand’s Unisys Security Index has fallen significantly, reversing sharp rises in concern recorded earlier in 2009.
“Yet despite the decline, more than half of New Zealanders still remain extremely or very concerned about identity related issues including the protection of personal information and the security of credit and debit card details. This response suggests that identity theft is seen as a day-to-day reality, driven by the more than 1100 incidents of identity misuse reported in New Zealand last year,” said Hodgson.
“Fifty-four percent of New Zealanders say that they are extremely or very concerned about other people obtaining or using their credit and/or debit card details.
“In addition, 52% say that they are extremely or very concerned about unauthorised access to or misuse of their personal information.”
Unisys builds and maintains secure computing environments for the business community and government agencies.

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