Flip video heads to iphone, ipad and android devices

01 May 11

We’ve reviewed a number of Flip "shoot and share” video cameras over the last couple of years. They’ve consistently received our editor’s choice award for the user-friendly manner in which they allow users to capture and share hi-definition, 720p video. But it seems like Cisco is giving consumers that same, winning functionality for free from their mobile phones with the announcement of the FlipShare mobile app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.
The real beauty of the FlipShare mobile app is that you can upload clips (and photos) at any time, bypassing the computer required by the dedicated Flip cameras. It also provides instant access to any and all videos stored in your FlipShare (which aggregates your clips and images on YouTube, Facebook and more) and allows you to manage ‘FlipShare Groups’: a clever way to share your videos privately and permit access to people within certain groups (e.g. ‘friends’, ‘family’ or ‘public’). Taking a cue from the most popular social-networking sites, FlipShare users can also ‘comment’, ‘share’ and ‘favourite’ videos directly from their mobile devices. However, it seems that the already limited video-editing capability of the Flip camera’s software is not as robust on the app.
The FlipShare app is compatible with iPhone 3G or higher, second generation (or higher) iPod Touch devices, and any iPad, provided these devices are running iOS 4.0.0 or higher. Android users will need at least version 1.6 running on their device in order to make use of the FlipShare mobile app for Android. Of course, you’ll only be able to record video in 720p if your device supports that resolution
It all makes you wonder, though, if the move will cannibalise the sales of Flip’s dedicated HD cameras, but it’s good news for consumers with enabled mobile devices all the same.

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