Ford phasing out cd players

01 Oct 11

Well, it’s official folks – the CD player is about to go the way of the tape and the 8-track (at least when it comes to in-car entertainment!) Ford recently announced that its new Focus model will be sold in Europe without a CD player, with the rest of the manufacturer’s line up around the world to follow suit.
Instead, the car will feature a USB socket for iPods and other digital music devices as well as Bluetooth functionality. Eventually all Ford cars will be fitted with the Sync ‘infotainment hub’, which accepts a Wi-Fi dongle, allowing users to access music directly through the internet. So it looks like internet will be the one to kill the radio star...
If you’re an old fashioned CD-loving gal like myself, not to worry, nostalgic drivers will still be able to request a CD player as an option!

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