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Fracture is coming

The new game from Activision and Day 1 Studios called ‘Fracture’ is on its way for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. Fracture does look rather peculiar at first glance. If you’ve heard of this game and you’ve no doubt checked out the trailer, you’ll get know what we mean by ‘peculiar’.

Although peculiar it may be Fracture looks like it might be a very interesting game to play. Check out these game features:

    Truly next-generation gameplay – Groundbreaking terrain deformation allows players to reshape the battlefield on the fly with futuristic weaponry of the year 2161, allowing for unprecedented power, freedom and control.

    All new story and characters from the company that brought you Star Wars and Indiana Jones, as well as Mercenaries and Thrillville – Players assume the role of Mason Briggs, a demolitions expert in the mighty Atlantic Alliance army and the next great action hero.

    Plausible future conflict – As stem cell research continues to proliferate and spirals out of control, ideological differences over genetic enhancement place the player at the threshold of an epic battle of tomorrow between genetics vs. cybernetics as two powerful armies, with vastly differing tactics and advantages, square off.  The battlefield will change forever.

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