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Free 0133 directory service goes live

01 Feb 11

In an effort to turn New Zealand’s telephone directory business upside down, a new free-to-call business directory has been launched.
The new 0133 service – which should be live by the time you read this – offers a business directory service that is free for consumers to call. It’s free for consumers to use because businesses pay a small listing fee to be part of the directory. The call centres powering the 0133 service will also be based here in New Zealand, instead of being offshore.
"Why should consumers have to pay to find a supplier? It’s an old business model and it is time it changed,” said Prentice Robb, one of the three founders of the service. "We think New Zealanders are fed up with so many New Zealand companies cutting costs and outsourcing, but not passing those savings back in improved service. Having a local call centre is logical, good for business and the economics are fine. By having local people on the other end of the line there’s going to be the advantage that comes from familiarity and experience, not to mention understanding of New Zealanders’ quirks and the way we communicate.”