02 Feb 2015
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Frisky Christchurch employees caught out on social media

By Shannon Williams

Social media has done it again, this time in the form of spreading video and images of a sex romp between two co-workers. 

Patrons at the Carlton Bar and Restaurant in Christchurch watched as a man and woman bared all as they got up close and personal in the office building across from the restaurant, unaware they could be seen, and filmed. 

The sex tape stars, reported to be employed by insurance brokers Marsh Limited, are now under investigation after photographs and videos were uploaded to social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. 

According to Fairfax media, Marsh chief executive Grant Milne says the company is taking the matter seriously, with executives flying down from Auckland. 

The story has caught fire on Facebook, with thousands of likes and hundreds of views, with one user commenting “Why should they loose their jobs?? Look what idiot Brown got up to. He’s still the idiot Mayor Of Auckland!?!!”

An employment investigation is under way, with the individuals being quickly identified by the employer thanks to the images that have been uploaded. 

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