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Frogger: Helmet Chaos

There’s a hopping, jumping and tongue-flicking good time to be had in the latest remake of the arcade classic Frogger. This time in Frogger: Helmet Chaos, Frogger has set his sights a little higher than simply crossing a single road and river. He’s on a mission to stop an evil croc known as Dr. Wani from taking over the world with his powerful new mind control helmets.
On your adventure to stop Dr. Wani you’ll have to hop and jump your way through 30 deviously designed levels, avoiding dangerous flora and fauna at almost every turn. You’ll travel through lush forest swamps, icy mountain tops and dank underground caves in an effort to make your way to Dr. Wani’s flying fortress. Frogger is presented with a multitude of problems to overcome, but luckily he comes well prepared with a few new tricks up his sleeve. Hopping and jumping are his primary modes of transportation, either hopping to an adjacent block, or jumping over it two blocks away. Also in the mix is Frogger’s very talented tongue, which can be used to pull Frogger across long distances, swing from overhead bars, or to push and pull the various obstacles throughout each level. You’ll have to use every combination of Frogger’s abilities throughout the game, and at precisely the right time, because you are often just a single incorrect button press away from death.
A puzzle game lives or dies by its levels. Fantastic controls, great graphics, sound, and a humorous story, all mean nothing if there’s no well designed levels to play in. Luckily for everyone involved, Helmet Chaos has many very good levels, all of which are well balanced and contain multitude of enjoyable puzzles. With a mix of action sections and some slower ‘thinking’ puzzles, Frogger: Helmet Chaos should have just about what every puzzle fan is looking for.

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