Full speed ahead

01 Jul 09

Satellite Internet users with the ISP Farmside will get double the download speeds on their Rocket Broadband service from this month.
The company that wholesales the IPSTAR satellite service - BayCity - has removed the speed cap on the top Pioneer Plan ($199.95 +GST a month), to enable customers to experience download speeds of up to 4Mbps over their satellite connection.
Those on the cheapest satellite plan, the Endeavour, will achieve speeds of up to 512Kpbs ($49.95 a month). In addition to the monthly charge, there is a $298.90 + GST setup fee.
Baycity and Farmside managing director Tony Baird says a growth in subscriber numbers in the past year has enabled the company to increase speeds at no extra cost.
“By offering speeds comparable to our better-served urban cousins, Rocket Broadband can enable farmers, rural businesses and residents to meet the rising demands of Internet, including online video, large file sizes/emails and new business applications.”
BayCity has exclusive access to the IPSTAR satellite in New Zealand. There is capacity for 40,000 users on the satellite in this country and it is currently around a quarter full.

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