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The future is now: Epson unveils new innovations for the modern classroom
Tue, 14th Mar 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Epson recently announced some of the new must-have innovations for the modern classroom.

These include their range of interactive ultra-short throw projectors and the new Epson iProjection app for Chromebook.

When teamed together, these new measures are the dictionary definition of collaboration.

Epson's EB-600 series ultra-short throw projectors are designed for today's bring-your-own-device (BYOD) classroom, with the ability to display up to 100” images from less than the length of your classic 30cm ruler away.

Offering three times the colour brightness of competing models, you can forget having to dim the lights or close the blinds to be able to see the screen – it can be easily viewed from anywhere in the classroom with a wide viewing angle and high resolution.

It also features wireless functionality and advanced connectivity to allow teachers to share content from multiple devices

What's more, students can engage in interactive lessons with Epson's Finger-touch and Dual Pen. These technologies allow you to use your fingers to annotate directly onto the screen. With these new dual pens, two people can work simultaneously (teacher and student or two students, for example) using different attributes.

And don't think that it's limited to just a vertical space. Epson's new range of ultra-short throw projectors can make any flat surface interactive, including tables, whiteboards and plain walls.

And to tie it all together, is the Epson iProjection app for Chromebook. This app enables students and teachers to wirelessly display content from Chromebooks on select Epson projectors. For teachers and students, the Epson iProjection App for Chromebook makes it easy to move about the room and effortlessly share content with the entire class.

When used in conjunction with Epson Multi-PC Projection with Moderator function the iProjection App gives teachers the ability to display up to four Chromebook computers simultaneously. They can choose these from a maximum of 50 connected devices, delivering an engaging collaborative classroom experience.

It's certainly exciting to see the innovation that Epson is rapidly developing in classrooms throughout the country.

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