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G-ME launches blockchain-backed GPS device

Ehelp Security Solutions S.L. (ESS) announced the launch of its new product G-ME, a customizable, global GPS/3G tracking device that can help you keep your loved ones safe and close.

Since its conception in 2015, EES has set out with the primary goal of developing G-ME, a global GPS/3G tracking device designed for anybody, anywhere, that works in more than 100 countries out of the box.

The device uses CROWN’s blockchain technology, making users’ location data immutable and impossible to be counterfeited, with the goal of helping people to keep their loved ones safe, close and with access to critical information.

Using an integrated GPS/3G modem, the device, which can be worn as a watch or keychain, can track anyone or anything from the G-ME app.

The position can be set by the user and all the tracking information is sent directly to G-ME’s servers, where it is saved and only accessible to the designated individual to whom the device is linked.

G-ME can be configured from the G-ME App (iOS & Android) and can be linked to anybody or anything at any time.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, simple accidents such as falls are the leading cause of injury and death among older people.

G-ME aims to mitigate these types of issues by providing more security, information and peace of mind.

G-ME CEO Pedro Herranz says, “We are very excited to be launching our G-ME tracking device, using CROWN’s blockchain technology, to allow for a greater sense of security among loved ones.

“Thanks to G-ME, family members can take comfort knowing their loved ones are in safe hands, with a secure GPS device.

The introduction of this technology can positively impact the lives of many, in numerous ways.

From keeping track of your luggage on a long trip to ensuring your dog never runs too far, the G-ME aims to be a versatile device, with plenty of potential to make everyone's’ lives easier and safer.

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