FutureFive NZ - Gabon plans to suspend Me.ga domain

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Gabon plans to suspend Me.ga domain

Kim Dotcom's new website has suffered a blow after the Gabonese government has vowed to suspend the internet domain name he hoped to use.

After putting plans in place to use www.me.ga as the domain for his new file sharing site, officials in Gabon have reportedly given instructions to suspend the site.

Communications Minister Blaise Louembe is alleged to have instructed the site to be "suspended" as Gabon "cannot serve as a platform or screen for committing acts aimed at violating copyrights, nor be used by unscrupulous people."

The Megaupload founder, currently fighting extradition charges of internet piracy and fraud to the U.S., launched the new site after being shutdown in January.

He responded to the news by tweeting:

"Don't worry. We have an alternative domain. This just demonstrates the bad faith witch hunt the US government is on."

But as Dotcom's battle with the U.S. continues, he vowed to not use American-based hosting companies as partners to avoid being closed down by U.S. authorities.

“The new Mega will not be threatened by US prosecutors,” Dotcom said last week.

“The new Mega avoids any dealings with US hosters, US domains and US backbone providers and has changed the way it operates to avoid another takedown.”

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