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Galaxy S III survives Samsung's extreme stress tests

Samsung demonstrated the strength of the Galaxy S III for customers, with the smartphone going through a series of tests to verify its durability.

The electronics company offered an insight into their extreme stress tests by posting a video on YouTube, which showed the examinations the handset is subjected to before release.

Tests included pressed the home button over 200,000 times to determine its durability, using 1kg of pressure as opposed to the usual 200-300g pressure expected from a human finger.

Samsung also applied 100kg of pressure to the screen using a robotic denim bottom, determining whether the device will crack when sat on.

Other examinations included throwing the smartphone into a mixture of hard silicone objects for an hour to determine how scratch proof it was - with the device coming out on top against keys, coins and everyday items.

In the company's final test, 60 millilitres of water were dripped on the phone for 10 minutes to prove the device still works when caught in the rain.

Samsung said each product undergoes seven tests to determine their resistance and durability when on the market, with a preview of their procedures below.

Warning: These tests are not to be carried out at home as they will not cover insurance or warranty.

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