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Game Boy Micro

Manufacturer: Nintendo  Distributors: All leading game stores  Type: Portable Game Device  Available: Out Now  www: Nintendo.com  Price: $158.00         

Nintendo have taken the widely successful Game Boy Advance SP, retooled it and added a dash of chic. The result? The Game Boy micro system - quite simply the smallest and sleekest Game Boy product that Nintendo has ever created.
It’s thinner than a mobile phone, as attractive as an MP3 player and as fun as a...Game Boy. The metallic micro measures a mere 10cm wide, 5cm tall and 1.75cm deep, allowing it to sit comfortably alongside today’s coolest tech gear. Amazingly, it weighs less than 80 grams, or about the weight of 80 paper clips (try it at home). Yet Game Boy micro has the same processing power and plays the same games as Game Boy Advance SP models, complete with standard face controls and shoulder and Start/Select buttons that literally shine. Despite the size of the unit – playing all your favourite games is still comfortable and may only pose a threat to people with gorilla hands.
The Game Boy micro also features a removable face plate so you can customise it to suit your tastes. Most notably, its 5cm backlit screen has been improved and renders games in startling clarity with fantastic colours. Game Boy micro will appeal to the image-conscious gamer and is so seductively small, it can fit into a jeans pocket or inside your mouth. Okay – maybe its not that small, but it looks so good you might want to try and taste it. Game Boy micro represents the latest evolution in the image of the Game Boy Advance line, but it is not a successor to any current system – simply a well-deserved facelift to a great product. The micro includes a built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and supports standard headphones for personal gaming.

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