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'Game changing' Apple set to 'surprise us all'

30 May 2013

Apple CEO Tim Cook has defended the company's level of innovation, insisting "several more game changers" would enter the market.

Speaking amid claims the Cupertino firm is struggling under his guidance, Cook remained defiant, hinting that wearable computers could be one of the many tricks up Apple's sleeve.

"It's an area where it's ripe for exploration," said Cook, speaking at the All Things Digital conference in California.

"It's ripe for us all getting excited about.

"I think there will be tons of companies playing in this."

Fending off investor and even media unrest has been commonplace for Cook since taking the reins in 2011, but his confidence again under pressure suggests Apple have a big hand to play.

Cook's defiance follows recent approval from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who said the company "will surprise and shock us all."

“I would guess that Apple is very well prepared, and working on new things that are going to surprise and shock us all," Woz said last month.

While Cook, who enjoyed a 99.1% investor approval in February this year, remained positive about the wearable products market, he wasn't so positive about Google Glass, dismissing Apple's industry rival.

"There's nothing that's going to convince a kid who has never worn glasses or a band or a watch to wear one, or at least I haven't seen it," he said.

"So I think there's lots of things to solve in this space."

Saying Apple has "absolutely not" lost its cool, Cook also spoke at length about how the company is a victim of its large size, claiming it receives more scrutiny from governments and regulators as a result.

But any questions of Apple, or more specifically Cook, losing vision were met head on by Cook.

"We believe very much in the element of surprise," he said.

"We think customers love surprises."

Check out the interview here.

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