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Game Consoles 2010 Best DLC

BioWare promised ongoing DLC for the first Mass Effect, but under-delivered with two mediocre, late-arriving offerings. I think it’s safe to say that the developer has redeemed itself with Mass Effect 2, owing to its consistent DLC support. Thankfully, each DLC package was also of exceptional quality, and actually managed to add a great deal to the lore of the Mass Effect universe: We received a new way to navigate terrain with the Hammerhead hover tank in the Firewalker pack; Liara T’Soni rejoined our side for a mission that concluded a story arc from the first game in Lair of the Shadow Broker; and we encountered two new characters that could be recruited to our squad in Zaeed and Kasumi. Best of all, a great deal of the DLC was free to first-hand owners of the game and members of the Cerberus Network. None of it felt tacked on, and each pack brought something new to the experience and was a worthwhile addition to the adventure in its own right. This is how you keep your players engaged long term. Well done, BioWare.
NOTABLE MENTIONS:  Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Age: Origins

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