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Game Consoles 2010 Best motion-control offering

Sony and Microsoft both threw their figurative hats in the motion-control ring this year in a bid to secure a share of gaming’s fastest-growing market: casual gamers. And while Nintendo’s Wii went a long way to doing away with one of the biggest obstacles to participation for non-gamers back in 2006, only Microsoft’s Kinect finally managed to do away with it completely. That’s perhaps the most impressive thing about Kinect: you stand in front of it and it just works. There are no convoluted, context-sensitive button-configuration explanations needed before anyone can step up and and bowl a bowling ball. And in spite of some dodgy, early hands-on impressions, we were surprised to learn that the thing actually worked impressively well upon release. Game Console looks forward to seeing how the technology is adopted this year.
NOTABLE MENTIONS:  PlayStation Move – while it doesn’t bring much new to the table, it does its thing exceptionally well.

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