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Game Consoles 2010 Best role-playing game

BioWare certainly made its brand of sci-fi role playing more accessible to the masses in the second iteration of the Mass Effect series. Admirably, the developer did so without completely dumbing down the experience that made the first game such a hit with hardcore RPG fans. Very few RPGs released in 2010 offered the degree of true freedom, choice and consequence afforded to the player in Mass Effect 2. And BioWare finally demonstrated that a deep role-playing experience doesn’t have to result in a trade-off when it comes to combat; the gunplay on display in Mass Effect 2 is mechanically sound and satisfying enough to toe it with some of the best, dedicated third-person shooters. In fact, this game even got a few votes in the Best Shooter category, which just goes to show what an incredibly well-rounded game it truly is.
NOTABLE MENTIONS:  Final Fantasy XIII, Fallout: New Vegas

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