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Game Consoles 2010 Game of the year: Mass Effect 2

That Mass Effect 2 takes out this category in spite of being one of the first major releases of 2010 just goes to demonstrate BioWare's achievement with this sci-fi epic. The incredibly detailed universe is fleshed out in a compelling story that draws on the decisions you made in the first game. The consequences of these choices rear their heads in many satisfying ways – be they subtle or blatant – over the course of your adventure. And you’ll no doubt add to these with the choices you’re forced to make in this instalment. BioWare has also improved the combat immensely and introduced an interesting cast of characters to add to those old favourites. Mass Effect has to be the most engrossing franchise on the market right now, and Mass Effect 2 is champing at the bit for the sequel scheduled for late this year.

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