28 Aug 2013
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Game gives schools opportunity to predict the future

By Rebecca Wood

Teachers and students have the opportunity to forecast the future tomorrow in an online game run by the MacDiarmid Institute and StratEDGY.

Pounamu is a free, browser-based, online game set in a future world where everyone in New Zealand can use science as easily as they can use a computer today.

Running from midday tomorrow until midday on Friday, Pounamu asks New Zealanders to consider the possibilities available with the new tools generated by science and technology.

How do we treasure and build on what we have—our land, people, knowledge and connections—to create prosperity, good health, sustainability, resilience and accessibility for all New Zealanders? What will you create? Who will you work with? What will you invest in? What problems will you solve? What will you change?

Players post micro-forecasts (concise ideas - 140 characters, like twitter) of future possibilities and build on, or reshape other players’ ideas. A player can play for five minutes and share one idea, or play for the whole game and post hundreds of possible futures.

Points are gained by posting ideas that create more discussion, contributing interesting ideas to the game and winning awards. Players are encouraged to play with others to explore what they could do at home, in their businesses, in their communities, and in their rohe.

Pounamu is the brainchild of The MacDiarmid Institute’s Professor Shaun Hendy and Dr Stephanie Pride of StratEDGY Strategic Foresight .

“A game like Pounamu creates the perfect platform for engaging everyone from senior research scientists to school students with our future issues and opportunities.  The challenges we face over the next decade are going to demand solutions that are both smart and creative. Being playful is a powerful way to unleash creativity and generate engagement,” says Pride.

Visit www.pounamu.gen.nz to register to play, watch the game video, create your avatar and find more information about The World Of Pounamu.

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