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Game review: Aera

05 Dec 2009

Aera is casual flight simulator - flying game for everyone!!! Best looking flight game on iPhone/iPod!

Unique mix of a side-scroller and a flight simulator. Tilt LEFT/RIGHT to make your plane go UP/DOWN.

Great step-by-step tutorial, will get you flying in no time! Different mission types (Aerobatic/Solo, Dog-Fight, Race) plus bonus - Free Flight Advanced and carefully tuned physics simulation.

Controls specially designed for iPhone/iPod.

"TimeBack" feature - rewinds time to quickly retry after crashing - no need to start over again!

Different Locations and Planes to fly All the environments are carefully modelled in 3D Advanced rendering techniques are used to produce very stylish visuals.

Video Replay - watch the mission after you played it; change angles, pause, and more!

Fast loading times, local WiFi MultiPlayer Game (Duel and Capture the Flag).

The game was in full-time development for over 7 months!

Essentially, Aera can be defined as casual 2.5D flight simulator. Playing Aera is like riding a bicycle - you have to practice a little in the beginning, and then it's LOTS of fun. This is a flying game for everyone!!!

For gameplay videos please go to www.youtube.com/ichromo