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Game Review: Mario Golf: Super Rush
Wed, 22nd Sep 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Mario Golf: Super Rush is the most recent collaboration between Nintendo and Camelot Studio. The last collab between the two companies was Mario Aces which was a big success for people who enjoy that game style.

I usually am not into games based on sports, especially golf — but if such a game must exist, then the Switch — complete with JoyCons — is definitely the place for it.

Just like the other “sports” games that Nintendo did in the past, Mario Golf has a story mode. The story mode sees the return of the Mii avatars. You get to customise your character (for probably the 100th time now) and then take them on the route to become a pro golfer.

I did not really know what to expect from the story mode of a golf game. Nintendo went the goofy route with this one which is perfect. I find golf a little boring so silly moments in the story were a welcome addition. The game has different towns to explore. Each town has its own charming and unique style, with its own little shop that you can visit.

From there, it is mostly straightforward. You play golf; you level up. Some parts of the story are more exciting than others. There is also a twist at some point, but I will leave the spoilers out. The levelling up system is easy to grasp as players get to level up different abilities. Sometimes levelling up something by two points will level down another aspect by one. This leaves players with some planning to do to build a good all-rounded player. 

The story took me around seven and a half hours to finish. When that is done, the game does offer other modes. There are solo gaming options as well as multiplayer ones. You can also customise how many holes you would like to play in a multiplayer game. My problem here was that I could not convince anyone to jump into a Mario Golf game with me.

The part I was most intrigued about before playing the game was how good the JoyCons would perform, and I was pleasantly surprised. Usually, with these games, the motion control is so buggy that I end up just using buttons. However, Mario Golf's motion controls actually work well enough that they made me want to move furniture around to give myself a bigger gaming space. So that part was kinda fun.

Overall the game is exactly what you would expect it to be. It is a golf game that is designed really well, and that plays flawlessly. If that sounds like a fun time for you, then Mario Golf: Super Rush is a great option that will keep kids entertained for a few hours while also having a high replayability factor.