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Game review: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

Available on PS3 (tested), Xbox
360, PC.

Fighter IV
was released back in 2009 to rave
reviews. A lot of people lauded the incredible visuals and the way the gameplay
was just as fun as Street Fighter II
was back in the early ‘90s. To capitalize on this recent surge of Street Fighter’s popularity, Capcom
released Super Street Fighter IV last
year. This was no ordinary update as the game included an additional 10 fighters,
a few new stages and additional ultra moves. Now in 2011, another game is released
in the form of Super Street Fighter IV:
Arcade Edition

Unlike with Super Street Fighter IV, the Arcade
of the game can be downloaded as DLC for $30 if you already own Super Street Fighter IV. The Arcade Edition adds four new characters
to the mix. This makes the roster count to an impressive 39 fighters. The new
fighters in question include the fast and nimble Yun and Yang from Street Fighter III, an Evil Ryu and a
cool-looking purple demon named Oni.  

Other changes that have been made
in this game are that all the characters are now more balanced. If you feel
that Ken has an unfair advantage over most of the other characters in the game,
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is here to rectify your problems.
Every of the 39 characters should now have a fair chance of winning a match.

Online has also been updated with
an improved Replay Channel. The Replay Channel includes an Elite Channel where
you can view the game’s most hardcore players fight in an epic one-on-one duel.
It’s a great tool for beginners to view as they can see how the masters play
the game. You can even opt to subscribe to certain players so you can be
updated on their latest replays. It’s a helpful feature for any aspiring player
who wants to become a professional gamer. 

If you already own Super Street Fighter IV, then paying the
extra $30 for this extensive DLC add-on is worth it only if you feel you need
the extra characters and game balancing. If you already have Street Fighter IV and never played Super Street Fighter IV, then Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
is the ultimate version of the game to get.

This is because each character has
an additional ultra move that they can select as opposed to the one that was
featured in Street Fighter IV. Not
only that, but you also receive 14 new characters that you can master. If you
have already finished Street Fighter IV,
then you will be playing an all-new game as each character has all-new intros
and endings.

The game also brings back the bonus
stages from Street Fighter II. If you
always wanted to totally dismantle someone’s car or obliterate a bunch of
barrels, now you can.  The best fighter
to use on these stages is Blanka, because his electric shock attack can destroy
just about any inanimate object. As aforementioned, most of these features were
already seen in Super Street Fighter IV,
but for those of you who only have Street
Fighter IV,
these extras are fun enough for you to buy this game all over

One of the downsides to the game is that
there’s still no gallery to view artwork and cutscenes again like in Street Fighter IV. If you want to view a
specific character’s ending again, you will have to play through the Arcade
mode again (or view them on YouTube). Street
Fighter IV
also featured various artworks from Capcom’s own design team
that you could view. Sadly, none of these extras can be seen in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

Graphically, the game is virtually
identical to the 2009 original. Although the visuals are still impressive, they
don’t quite match the quality from the likes of Mortal Kombat and Marvel vs.
Capcom 3
. It seems as if Capcom is happy with the visuals as the company
will be using the exact game engine for next year’s release of Street Fighter x Tekken.  Still, it would have been nice if at least one
new stage was included – after playing Street
Fighter IV
I’m getting bored of playing in the same old stages again and

Despite some flaws, if you’re
looking for one of the best fighting games out this generation, then Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
is the definitive version of Street
Fighter IV
to purchase. It adds more characters and the game is lot less frustrating
to play as all the characters are now nicely balanced. If you’re a fighting
game fan who has never played Street
Fighter IV
, then I suggest you get this game now.   

Graphics: 8.5

Sound: 8.0

Gameplay: 9.5

Lasting Appeal: 9.0

Overall: 9.0


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