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Game review: The Nioh Collection (PS5)
Mon, 15th Feb 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The Nioh Collection is a new PS5 game that features both Niohand Nioh 2 that came out originally for the PS4 in 2017 and 2020 respectively. The two popular action games have now been re-released featuring better performance and visuals thanks to the power of the PS5 console.

Much like many other collections, The Nioh Collection kindly includes all of the previously released DLC at no extra cost. Both games had three DLC packs each, so it's nice for players to get them all for the price of one game.

I was somewhat intimidated when I first played the original Nioh in 2017. The game was difficult because it shared some of the same gameplay features as Demon's Soulsand Dark Souls. However, with enough skills and lots of patience, I managed to finish the game and all of its downloadable content.

Nioh 2 is arguably harder than the first as the game nerfs some of your abilities and weapons. Not to mention some of the bosses had cheaper tactics. Despite all of these new challenges, I still managed to finish the sequel too. The sequel may have been harder and more annoying, but the gameplay is rewarding if you succeed.

One of the best things about The Nioh Collection is that existing PS4 players don't have to start the game all over again. If you have both games, you can upload your save data on the cloud and continue where you left off in the PS5 version.

This feature was pretty cool to use as I was able to go back and replay all of the levels that I unlocked the first time. If you have never played Nioh before, you will have to start from scratch which is challenging for players that aren't used to this hard genre.

As for new features, The Nioh Collection looks much better on PS5 thanks to its more powerful hardware capabilities. The first Nioh looked outdated when I played it on a base PS4 four years ago, but the game is much prettier now on PS5.

Both Niohand Nioh 2 can run on PS5 at a 4K resolution at 60fps. Nioh has been improved a lot, and Nioh 2 looks better than the PS4 version I played last year. You can even play the game at a stunning 120fps if you have a capable TV or monitor to enable this.

Another huge improvement for the PS5 version of the game is that the loading times are now nonexistent. If you die at a certain checkpoint many times, you'll be able to replay that section over and over again without any waiting times whatsoever.

While the visuals have been improved, the gameplay has stayed the same which is still a good thing. The Nioh games are faster paced compared to the Dark Souls series, and I also like the fact that you can wield a ton of different weapons.

Both characters in the Nioh series have a stamina bar, although their stamina gets larger the more you level up. You can also increase your character's health by earning Amrita which is the main source of currency you need to improve your character's stats.

Both games also have a ton of challenging and epic boss fights. Some bosses took me hours to beat, although they get easier to beat when level up more. If you are struggling to beat a boss, you can always go on YouTube to look at some helpful strategies.

After replaying both games more than once, I think more people will like the first game better than the second one. While the second game visually looks better, it features some harder elements and more difficult boss fights. Due to the high difficulty, I suggest all newcomers to play Nioh first before you try and tackle the more challenging Nioh 2.

That being said, Niohand Nioh 2 are going to give gamers lots of gameplay. Not only are the main campaigns lengthy, but there are also tons of side missions for you to complete as well. Not to mention all of the DLC missions have been added to this collection.

If you have played the Nioh games to death like I have, the only reason to go back and play The Nioh Collection is to appreciate the new PS5 graphics. In terms of gameplay and content, nothing else new has been added unless you didn't pay to play the DLC missions the first time around.

I also like to mention that The Nioh Collection does not have any difficulty settings whatsoever. The default setting is hard and the learning curve can be quite steep. I only recommend this game if you like Dark Soulsor Sekiro. If you aren't good at the aforementioned games, you might want to stay away!

Overall, The Nioh Collection on PS5 is enjoyable mainly because it includes two great games for the price of one.  It might not be an essential purchase if you have played the game multiple times on PS4, although the newer graphics and no loading times is a definite benefit.

Verdict: 9.0/10