25 Feb 2011
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Game review: Woolcraft

By Sean Mitchell

The cutest sheep in the world are lost and the owner misses her beloved ones! It's up to you to guide the sheep with logic, digging and crafting... Fun for all, from young to old!

To save all those cute sheep, you need to think really hard in the tougher levels. In the beginning, there are 60 tutorial levels (even the smallest kids loves those) and there are over 200 levels for you to solve.

It's a perfect game when you have time to kill. Woolcraft survival guide: - dig and guide the sheep- look for stones and craft a bridge- plant seeds and watch them grow to delicious sheep food - understand Mr Mole and use him well... They will all keep going in the same direction that you decide.

They only stop when they:

- reach the end of screen- come to the end of the playing area in the specific level- come to a removed block of grass- find something to eat - have another sheep in front of them

They will die (oh-nooo) if they:- hit the water - are forced to stand on the same block with another sheep

There are also no time limits in the game and you can retry the levels over and over again.

Do you think you are smarter than a friend? Design your own level and challenge your friend!


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