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Gamers spending less on games

Gamers have smaller gaming budgets than they did five years ago, according to new research from a UK website.

It’s probably best to first acknowledge that I didn’t write “from a university” but “from a website”, so it may not have the upper-level of credibility, but vouchercodespro.co.uk polled 1,654 UK gamers and found they spent less money on games now than they did give years ago.

The initial poll posed the question “how frequently do you buy video games?”, to which 26 per cent answered “monthly”.

In terms of how much money gamers believe they spend on games, the average response worked out at 300 British pounds per year, or around 25 pounds a month.

But the interesting part is that 52 per cent of the respondents to the poll believed they were spending less on games now than in the past.

Reasons for this included having “less disposable income”, a reason given by 78 per cent of those polled, while 37 per cent felt they had “no choice” but to cut back on spending on things like games.

42 per cent also claimed they didn’t need to buy new games because many modern games have high replay-value.

To save cash those polled used a variety of methods including buying second-hand games (54 per cent), borrowing games from friends (46 per cent) and, best of all, just waiting until the game doesn’t cost a million dollars right after release (42 per cent).

True to form, 74 per cent of the respondents think video games are too expensive.

Seeing as I am terrified of buying new release games because they always seem to get $90 cheaper the day after I buy them, I can see where they’re coming from.

Agree with these polls? Or are you still buying games like some sort of nerdy pimp rolling in cash? Let us know

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