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Gaming visionary looking for staff

29 Mar 12

Peter Molyneux, formerly of Lionhead studios, has formed a new company and is now hiring.

The legendary developer’s company, 22Cans, is advertising for staff on the website. Vacancies include lead game engineer, software development engineer and an engineering intern.

Although details of exactly what Molyneux is working on are still shrouded in mystery, the website does offer some interesting pieces of information.

"We are looking for world-class software engineers who have the drive to be part of a start-up, the talent to solve any problem that is thrown their way and the passion to create something truly amazing and innovative that will delight and amaze the world,” the 22Cans website reads.

The positions called for mention that the games will be ‘fully integrated with the cloud, data analytics systems and external web technologies such as Facebook,’ which suggests a browser-based or at least browser-integrated game.

Unity3D, HTML5 and Flash are also mentioned in the job descriptions; Unity 3D is used largely for mobile and browser-based gaming, but is slowly being integrated into console games.

Molyneux has a reputation for breaking the mould and producing truly original and innovative works – could he be at it again? With 22 Cans’ first project currently without a publisher or release date, we could be waiting to find out for quite some time.

Are you an engineer or software developer? Check out 22 Cans’ website – it’d be great to see a Kiwi developer up with the big boys.