Geeks on Wheels are the real IT deal

13 Apr 13

Computer help has entered Kiwi homes thanks to mobile support task force Geeks on Wheels.

The Wellington-based company travels to homes and office nationwide, fixing troublesome computers and solving common IT problems.

Running a fleet of 32 technicians across New Zealand, Geeks on Wheels adds a different dimension to computer issues, creating a convenience otherwise lost in retail stores.

Offering a fast, friendly and efficient on-site service at any given destination, the Geeks are highly trained to work on all PC systems with all staff Apple certified.

During the past 18 months the company has seen a 30% rise in setting up Apple products, ranging from iPhone and iPad set-ups to Mac issues.

But with the new release of Windows 8, the support firm expects to take on many upgrading jobs, helping customers switch over to Microsoft’s latest release.

Geeks on Wheels offers an expansive service however, helping customers activate wireless networks and even TVs to enable the sharing of music and movies.

With staff based in Auckland, Hamilton, Cambridge, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Kapiti Coast, Wellington and Christchurch, the company built a HQ in the capital similar to their mobile service.

Customers can simply bring in their equipment for repair, upgrades, cloud integration etc and can either wait for a quick turnaround or return at their leisure for pick up.

Common users of the Wellington service include holidaymakers keen to have their cloud migration or iPad set-up fresh for their return.

The company will roll out similar workshops in Auckland next year, while also offering the recycling of any computer products for a small handling fee.

For busy professionals keen to avoid the laborious task of updating or upgrading their devices, and for anyone owning a broken computer of any kind – Geeks on Wheels has the expertise and experience to offer the best possible service, without having to leave your house.

To see what Geeks on Wheels has to offer, click here

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